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15 September 2021

If You Want Extreme: Buggy Expeditions in the Crimea

Extreme entertainment is very popular among the guests of the Crimea. You can go scuba diving or master kitesurfing, fly a paraglider or jump with a parachute, conquer a mountain peak or descend into an unequipped cave.

30 August 2021

September vacations in Russia - interesting ideas

September is a favorite month for traveling around the country. Why? It's simple: tourists are already leaving the resorts, prices are falling, and the colors of autumn make any landscape a hundred times more beautiful. We'll tell you where the best places to go in September in Russia. Find out where it is more interesting, warmer and cheaper to vacation.

29 July 2021

Рыбалка в Сочи на Ачигварском озере

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ачигварское озеро

Все озера Сочи уникальны, но среди них особенно выделяется Ачигварское, на котором расположилась самая живописная и уютная база отдыха в Адлере.

19 June 2021

Rest in Russia: Baltic Sea

You can improve your health and enjoy the charm of the Baltic resorts in Russia - in Kaliningrad region. Just look at the Curonian Spit with its wild sandy dunes, dancing forest and the sea!

19 June 2021

VIII International Great Sevastopol Officers' Ball

VIII International Great Sevastopol Officers' Ball will be held at St. Michael's Battery on June 20. It will be dedicated to the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy, the Day of Russia, the day of the hero-city of Sevastopol and the 115th anniversary of the Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich


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