September vacations in Russia - interesting ideas

September is a favorite month for traveling around the country. Why? It's simple: tourists are already leaving the resorts, prices are falling, and the colors of autumn make any landscape a hundred times more beautiful. We'll tell you where the best places to go in September in Russia. Find out where it is more interesting, warmer and cheaper to vacation.


The Crimea is no worse for a September vacation at the sea than the Krasnodar Territory. The advantages are the same: quiet, not hot, cheap and pleasant. And also the fruits and berries are ripe at this time. Tasty and juicy figs, peaches, plums and quinces are waiting for you. Also the grapes are ripening, so it's time to make yourself a wine tour! The famous Crimean wineries and distilleries will organize the reception and tasting. Go there on your own or buy a comprehensive tour.


You can go to Altai in September, as well as to the Caucasus, for the same golden and purple colors of autumn, but there is another great reason. In early autumn, you can see one special attraction, which is inaccessible to summer tourists. We are talking about Blue Lakes, which are also known as "Katun's eyes". In early autumn the water level of the main Altai river drops and these lakes appear. The clear water and rich turquoise color make them unique. Such beauty is worth to see! Also in September you can have a wonderful rest at Altai tourist places and see the most beautiful places of the Republic: Mars, Ulagan lakes, ancient cave paintings, Katu-Yaryk pass and many others.

Azov Sea

Where else can I go to sea in September 2021? For a comfortable rest also suits the Azov Sea. Even its resorts are far behind their Black Sea counterparts in infrastructure, but the rest here is much cheaper, and the sandy beaches and shallow waters are ideal for children. The most popular resorts: Yeisk, Kuchugury, Golubitskaya, Taganrog. But there is one unpleasant nuance. Shallow Azov Sea is heated up in early summer, but just as quickly cools with the advent of autumn, so vacation is better to plan in the first half of the month. But in September there is free rein for lovers of fresh fruits and berries. Also read our comparison of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

Written by K K
30 August 2021

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