If You Want Extreme: Buggy Expeditions in the Crimea

Extreme entertainment is very popular among the guests of the Crimea. You can go scuba diving or master kitesurfing, fly a paraglider or jump with a parachute, conquer a mountain peak or descend into an unequipped cave.

And also at the peak of demand - riding on quad bikes, jeeping, motorcycle tour. But, perhaps, the buggy expeditions are of particular interest to those who like to ride at speed on the off-road.

A buggy is a small lightweight frame vehicle with a low center of gravity and high cross-country capability

To recharge the new bright impressions all comers can super sporty buggies MAVERICK X3 RR 2020-21 with 200 horsepower. The duration of the expedition is 10 hours. You will overcome about 200 km of off-the-road, impassable forests, treacherous rocks and steep serpentines. Incredible views and wild lands far from civilization, fast mountain rivers and dark gorges, ancient cities and places of military glory, wind in your face and real excitement are waiting for you. This is the case when you don't need roads, but only direction. Nothing is impossible!

The journey begins in the buggy club, where you get acquainted with the instructors, choose your favorite power and design buggy, get allocated to the cars, get professional equipment and undergo a detailed briefing on driving and safety. If you do not know how to drive a vehicle, trust an experienced instructor - in the passenger seat is no less cool!

Written by K K
15 September 2021

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