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Zaozernoe, st. Kosmicheskaya,23
Villa Kristina is located 10 kilometers from the city of Yevpatoriya, in the village. Zaozernoe. This ecologically clean sea corner attracts tourists with sandy beaches with a gentle slope, as well as peace and comfort. Just a 10-minute walk from the villa, guests will find the fully equipped Mojito Beach.
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Zaozernoe is perfectly adapted for tourist recreation. A large number of children's camps, boarding houses, health resorts and sanatoriums, many hotels and a wealthy choice of accommodation in the private sector. Entertainment facilities along the entire coast of the village, bars, restaurants, cafes and more. Prices for all types of services and entertainment are very affordable. This village is not very suitable for recreation of young people. But for the elderly, families with small children and just those who are looking for a peaceful place and trying to enjoy the silence of their own vacation - Zaozernoye is just for you. The beaches in Zaozernoye are perhaps the most glorious attraction, 4.5 km of the embankment, the color of the sand is velvet, the sea line does not have large differences in depth. The seabed is sandy. In August, the water warms up to 25-27 degrees near the coast. Zaozyornoye got its name because of its geographical location from Evpatoria - beyond Lake Moinaki. One of the primary advantages of Zaozernoye is Lake Moinak - it is an estuary, the length of which reaches 1.8 km, width - 0.9 km, and its depth is not more than 1 m. The lake with mineralized water and medicinal mud normally helps people to fight chronic diseases suffering from skin ailments and congestion. The waterfront hotel is the perfect solution for all kinds of people who want to enjoy a delightful type of the sea and have instant access to it, but do not want to rent an apartment in the private sector. Despite the not very large size of the village, few comfortable hotels have been built on its territory, which interact at a short distance from the seashore.