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Adygeisk, д. Подсосоенье, д. 1-а
Терем усадьбы Арлазорова — шедевр русского деревянного зодчества, срублен из вековых сосен по древнерусской традиции «на уходящей луне». Мощные бревна сруба терема плотно прирубаются одно к другому и соединяются толстыми деревянными гвоздями – «коксами» .
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The Republic of Adygea is an amazingly colorful and flourishing region of the Caucasus, which borders the Krasnodar Territory on all sides. Here the curious traveler will find everything his heart desires - the steppe expanses, and flowering meadows, and green forests, as well as an incredible number of turquoise rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The climate of Adygea is diverse. In the flat part it is moderately continental, in the foothills it is moderately warm, humid, in the mountainous part it is cool. Adygea is a fairly green republic, which the locals are very proud of. About 40% of its territory is occupied by deciduous forests of beech, oak and maple. In the north of Adygea, a wide plain is spread, in the south - the mountains and foothills of the Greater Caucasus have settled. As many as three rivers flow through the territory of the republic - Belaya, Laba and Kuban. There are also many lakes in the mountains, but, unfortunately, they are quite difficult to get to. Sights of the Republic of Adygea: National Museum of the Republic of Adygea - the museum has unique collections and funds, numbering more than 266 thousand exhibits. The National Museum is the only museum in the Russian Federation that has a sector that studies the existence of the Adygs (Circassians) who ended up in Turkey, the states of the Middle East, Europe, the USA, etc. It is interesting that this small republic has two official languages - Adyghe and Russian. The Adyghe language looks very interesting from the outside. The writing of the language is based on the Cyrillic alphabet, then there is a spelling similar to Russian, but the pronunciation is very different. If you find yourself in one of the local markets, be sure to pamper yourself with the famous Adyghe cheese, which is sold here in all kinds of variations. There is also a traditional white Adyghe cheese, and the so-called round cheese, and a variety of braids, rolls, sausages, and so on. And cheese platter is one of the most popular snacks in Adygea. Real jam! It's nice that prices in Adygea are still an order of magnitude lower than in the neighboring Krasnodar Territory. This also applies to staying in hotels and ordering tourist excursions, as well as eating in public places and purchasing vegetables and fruits in local markets. The citizens here are very hospitable and kind, they are very glad that their republic is becoming known among tourists. So don't waste your chance and take the time to travel to this superb region!